Game for the LowResJam 2018 edition made with Pico8 (First time using it).

  • Introduction

While travelling across the space, your ship took some damages and crashed into a near planet full of water. Your ship is now slowly drowning to the depth. In order to escape you have to open the door and take the escape pod. Sadly you are blocked since the door is also broken, you'll have to collect block in order to repair it but be fast or you'll drown !

  • Controls
    • Movement : Arrow keys
    • Rotation : S
    • Construction and Give energy : Z or C
    • Deconstruction : X
    • Change Layer (Normal;Electricity;Water) : E
    • Grab/Put Block & Link : W
    • Display/Hide information : F
    • Display/Hide research : R
    • UI controls :
      • Previous / Next Selected Block : A / D
      • Rotate Selected Block : Q

There are a lots of commands, but hey, it is a building game without mouse !

  • Gameplay

It you feel strong enough or you have an adventurer soul, you can skip this part and learn by yourself. By the way tips section can help you !


There are two mains ressources into the game :

  1. Block
  2. Link


You have several productions factories (cost Block to create) :

  1. Energy
  2. Water
  3. Raw Material
  4. Advanced Material (Block & Link)
  5. Research

This factories require differents types of ressources to work and produce.
To check what a factory needs and produces, you can press F (without being on a block in the game space).


To proceed you have various connectors (cost Link to create) :

  • Pipes for water and energy.
  • Belt for material.
    Belt's direction is going from purple to green.

To construct those elements you'll navigate through differents layers.


Be sure to be in the right layer to access and build the element you want :

  1. Materials Production / Research & Belts
  2. Energy and pipes
  3. Water and pipes

The goal is to repair the locked door with Blocks to escape the ship.

Escape door

Press F on it to know the number of blocks required to repair it.
You can put block into it using W.

Don't forget to look for this two indicators :


  1. It is you battery, if it is depleted you cannot construct and have to wait for it to reload.
  2. The progression of the water into your ship, take care of this bar. If it is full you will drown !

I let you discover the rest of the game.
Don't forget to look at the gif images to get some ideas of the production chain to build.

  • Tips
    • Use F without being on a block to display informations about the the selected block into the UI.
    • You can swap the production type of the avanced producer (Block <-> Link) by opening the "information panel" (F) then press R to swap.
    • A basic energy producer can power 1 water & 1 advanced producer & 2 raw producer.
    • You cannot directly connect factories to power them up, you have to build a pipe to link them. But once a factory is powered, it can conduce enerfy to another factory through a pipe (same for water).
    • You can power factories by pressing Z or C on them but it will discharge your battery.
    • You cannot use belt to directly convey block into the escape door.
    • Try the last research, if you are brave enough !
    • Have fun !
  • Credits

Dev & Idea & "Art" : Shyzuna
Thanks to peoples who tried my game during the Jam.

I didn't post a Victory screenshot since I want you to discover it !
Don't hesitate to comment with your best scores.


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